When The Geekettez became a studio with addresses in various cities we decided we needed a central hub where we could add anything and everything. We needed a digital home base, where we could share everything we needed for our collaboration and stay up to date with projects.
The portfolio - your edited collection of work that is meant to showcase your skills and style for the world to see. In best case it contains work that you think is awesome or important. The keyword that is often neglected when putting together a portfolio is "edited". I have spent many hours with fellow visual creators discussing portfolio sizes and formats.
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Don't think so? Maybe you are in the wrong space!

When you start freelancing all the experts tell you to keep expenses low so it's easier to calculate the new business. This was the reason why I started my freelancing career working from a home office. And even though this was actually saving me money it got boring after a few years. In addition I started acting weird in large crowds.
Four years ago I was the person who barely made it to the gym or out for a run once a week because it seemed that I NEVER HAD THE TIME because I so much work to do. Four years later everything has changed! I initially started playing roller derby not only because the sport seemed like A LOT OF FUN but also because the team I was training with at the time had one three hour training session once a week. A team sport that only requires one three hour our session a week? Hell yeah! Sign me up! I had wanted to get back to a team sport for a while then but had shied away from taking up basketball again (the previous team sport I had played) because of the many hours you had to put in for training as well as the many weekends you spent at games, simply because: