Adobe Free Zone
Last November I finally did it! I rid my computer of everything Adobe (well almost everything, I still use Acrobat). This was a move I was kind of scared of as I was getting rid of all software that I had worked with from the very beginning, when I first started studying design.
Raise your hand if you are using an Adobe product.
Raise your hand if you are satisfied with that product.
Hmmm, less hands up the second time around. We felt the same way.

As UI designers the Adobe pallet has not been working that well for us lately. We have been creating layouts, wildly jumping back and forth between Illustrator and Photoshop and have spent precious time waiting for the gianormous master PSDs to become editable. Edge Reflow seemed quite promising at first and might actually will be a good solution in a few versions to come. We could never chime into the gospel of Fireworks because it kept crashing on us.